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2 Potentially Fatal Tree Diseases That Strike The Western White Pine

8 June 2016
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The western white pine is a large pine tree with beautiful green needles, long drooping pine cones, and a light gray bark that gives the tree its name. The western white is a brilliant pine tree for properties and large yards seeking a slight variation on the traditional pine. But you need to perform some maintenance to ensure that the western white keeps as beautiful as possible and that maintenance includes monitoring for signs of tree disease – a couple of which can prove fatal to the tree.
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Preventing And Handling Dutch Elm Disease: A Guide For Homeowners

2 June 2016
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With their jagged, ovular leaves and coarse bark, elm trees are a sight to behold. The elm first appeared in Asia more about 40 million years ago, and later moved to North America. Today, however, Elms in North America are threatened by a disease known as Dutch elm disease. If you are lucky enough to have an elm tree on your property, it's important to know a bit about preventing, detecting, and handling this serious tree disease.
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Why Do Your Tree’s Leaves Have Spots?

3 February 2016
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When spots start appearing on your tree's leaves, this is usually sign of a fungal disease. Figuring out just what fungal disease is affecting your tree will help you determine how to best handle the situation. Follow this guide to figure out what fungus is infecting your tree. Are the spots white and fuzzy? If the spots on your tree's leaves are white (or pale green) and fuzzy, then downy leaf spot is probably to blame.
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