2 Potentially Fatal Tree Diseases That Strike The Western White Pine

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2 Potentially Fatal Tree Diseases That Strike The Western White Pine

2 Potentially Fatal Tree Diseases That Strike The Western White Pine

8 June 2016
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The western white pine is a large pine tree with beautiful green needles, long drooping pine cones, and a light gray bark that gives the tree its name. The western white is a brilliant pine tree for properties and large yards seeking a slight variation on the traditional pine. But you need to perform some maintenance to ensure that the western white keeps as beautiful as possible and that maintenance includes monitoring for signs of tree disease – a couple of which can prove fatal to the tree.

What are some of the tree diseases that threaten a Western White Pine – and how can a tree care service help?  

White Pine Blister Rust

The fungal disease white pine blister rust is the largest threat to the western pine's lifespan. The disease causes dark blistered areas on the bark that can look reddish in coloration. Needles on the affected branch will start to brown until dead then fall off the tree until the entire branch is stripped. If the disease progresses to the point that the blisters form on the trunk, there's nothing a tree care service can do to save the tree. Call in a tree removal service to take care of the tree right down to the stump.

But if the trunk isn't yet affected, a tree pruning service might be able to remove the affected branches and keep the disease from spreading. The service will also need to remove any currant plants in the area as the blister is a two-host kind of disease and without one, the currant plant, present in the area the disease can't thrive on the other host.

Pole Blight

Pole blight is another potentially fatal disease that can strike the western white pine tree. The symptoms include yellowing needles that then brown and fall from the tree, hard ridged lesions forming on the bark, and tufts of twig-like growths that can appear on the affected branches.

There aren't any clear cures for the pole blight so the best chance is to enlist the help of a tree care service to keep the tree pruned and as healthy as possible to strengthen the tree's own defenses. There's a possibility that the tree will fight off the disease on its own. If the disease progresses, you might need to call in a tree removal company, especially if you have other pine trees that aren't yet affected.   

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